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Our business is solving your freight problems so your business can move on. It is our only business. We know all of our customers and yours, hope they never have the need to call for help. But when they do, they put their trust in experienced and ethical professionals, at Transloading Services Majestic Inc.

Typically when a freight mishap occurs, or other act, claim or loss for which a client is insured, the owner of the goods, the insurer, the insured an agent thereof, the carrier or their surrogate will require one or more of a range of services such as sale, removal, reloading, handling, cleanup, storage,offer of purchase, consignment, arrangement, spill remediation, enviromental expertise and consulation, incident reports, photo and/or inventories as relates to recovery of the goods, merchandise or product involved.





The process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another.


The Transloading team specializes in providing all phases of product recovery from shipments and inventories

We provide a wide range of services in support of insurance companies, adjusters, and surveyors; freight carriers, shippers, and forwarders; manufacturers and commercial facilites.