Transloading Services Majestic Inc.

We know the road


TLSM performs the above servies at multiple venue types including Carrier CFS, Railroad ramps, Railroad right-of-ways, roadside, and at our facility dock and yard, which can accommodate up to 75 containers or trailers for storage and rework.


Types of packaging handled routinely include hand-stacked and palletized lading, small to large paper rolls, drums, totes (IBCs), and virtually all configurations of containerized machinery, including autos and farm machinery. TLSM technicians have worked thousands of loads and are highly proficient in the securement of flat-rack lading as well.


While others claim to offer the above services, Transloading fulfils the promise, and also understands the WHY.  Our broadly experienced staff, with expertise in manufacturing, trucking, rail operations, logistics, and material handling, has the ability to determine the best course of action apropos the problem. The Transloading approach to the work is never "cookie cutter". There have been many cases in which clients have  request work that was reported necessary by transporters and even surveyors that upon TLSM's inspection, better, quicker and more cost-effectivesolutions were found, throught a more thorough understanding of what was happening with the cargo, And, the cargoes made their appointed vessels, destinations, or appointments on time. This is the Transloading difference. Our job is to get your freight moving again. And to protect you.


Let's face it , price is always an issue. But do you know you are getting with the cheapest guy? Is he taking 6 hours to do a 2 hour job? Is he using inexperienced workers? Is he responisive to your need to get the freight moving promptly? Is he unloading a container or trailer to fix a problem that actually stems from a chassis problem? Does he know where D.I.D., or air bags, can be used and are cheaper to use and why?Does he have the equipment on hand to deal with slip-sheets? Does he work clean and leave the rail yard, ramp, or facility in good order when he leaves?  Does he have bracing lumber acceptable for maritime transport? Can he tell you in writing what the problem was and how to avoid it? Is he available 24/7? Can he respond with necessary assests anywhere in So. Cal? Can you call him for advice? His answer to these questions is niot important. Yours, based on your experience, is. Cost is always a factor, but not the only factor. If the cargo does not make a ship, a train, or misses a delivery deadline to a client, you could lose a customer. Through no fault of your own. Transloading understands this and is committed, and equipped, to get your freight moving. 


Transloading commits highly experienced supervisiors and crews, who have at their disposal the necessary, and correct, tools and equipment for the job. Work gets done quickly, safely, correctly, and at a reasonable cost.

About us

Transloading's team provide Scheduled, Urgent, and Emergancy, in-transit and stored freight services. Services include:

  • Transloading of contents of distressed and/or damaged trailers and containers
  • Transload, inspection, recoup and repackaging of shifted or leaking packages of lading
  • Unload/reload of commodities to correct or remove of leaking or damaged lading
  • Reset and reblock of shifted commodities
  • Rework facility for over-axle load repositioning and re-scaling Load reductions (overweighted rail cars or containers)
  • Cargo and securement inspetions
  • Reports and Photosof all work process, before during and after